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About us


Welcome to Medorizon!

Medorizon of Texas is a full service billing center specializing in electronic filing of insurance claims, workman's compensation, patient balance billing, and management of receivables.  We are the Texas division of a national organization with offices located in Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, and Louisiana.  Independently owned and located in Austin, Texas, we are successful in servicing healthcare providers throughout the United States.

Why should you be Outsourcing?

  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Built-In Consulting and Practice Analysis
  • Avoid Patient Confrontation
  • High Cost of Equipment and Software
  • Rapidly Changing Technology
  • Reduce Staff Size
  • Reduce Call Volume
  • Reduce Record Storage
  • Get Detailed Reports

In his book, Business @ the Speed of Thought, Bill Gates notes that "An important reengineering principle is that companies should focus on their core competencies and outsource everything else."

Most physicians outsource important functions like taxes and legal matters.  The next logic step is to have your billing handled by experienced professionals.  Enjoy the extra time with your patients, and leave the headaches to us.


Something to ponder

How much would your business suffer if you lost all of your patient information?  Is your data truly protected?

If the questions above are unsettling to think about, consider some of the following points:

  • Are you making tape backups every night?
    • It is not a matter of whether your hard drive will fail, it is when!
  • Are you rotating your backup tapes offsite?
    • Tape backups are very important when your hard drive fails or the database gets corrupted, but they don't do much good in a fire unless they are stored offsite.
  • Is your computer system being supported by a battery backup?
    • Most of us are aware that if the power goes out, we will lose everything on the computer that we have not saved.  But did you know that if the system was saving data at the time of the power failure, it is possible to corrupt data that was previously saved.  (Possibly months or years before)

Of course these are all things that you can and should be doing yourself if you are managing your own data.  But all of these things take planning, time, and dedication.  Experience also shows us that people develop a false sense of security and become complacent after a period of smooth operations.  Now when that drive failure does occur, it becomes a disaster.  If you are fortunate enough to have a recent backup, are you prepared to spend the time to stop what you are doing and work on restoring the data?  Here at Medorizon, we are keenly aware of data protection and have procedures in place to guarantee that the proper safeguards are taken everyday. 




Fun Fact
The rules of the game have changed every year since...

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