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About us


Company Profile

Texas Professional Medical Billing is located in Austin, Texas.  We were established in 1998 as the sister company to Independent Medical Billers of Illinois to provide a location in the southern region of the United States.  The companies have personnel on staff that have been servicing healthcare providers for over 11 years.  We also employ a full time Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer to keep the company current with today's rapidly changing technology.  This allows us to provide our clients with new tools and services before most of our competition.

Our core business is that of a physician billing service processing claims for primary care physicians.  Our clients include, but are not limited to, Family Practices, Internal Medicine, General Surgery Pediatrics, Orthopedics and Ambulatory Surgical Facility Centers.  Presently, we process claims for more than 300 clinical and hospital based providers, 7 hospital groups, and 2 ASC's.  We are managing over $50 Million in gross receivables.

Our Computing Backbone

Our computer system is based on Microsoft's Windows 2000 Server software.  This allows us to maintain strict security through the use of passwords.  Clinical data cannot be accessed without the use of these passwords and they are changed on a regular basis.  The use of passwords also allows us to record an audit trail of all transactions.  To further protect your valuable information, all of our data is stored in a redundant fashion.  In other words, if one of the storage systems fail, the system will continue to seamlessly operate on the secondary system.  As an added precaution, all data is backed up to tape daily and stored offsite.

Our network is attached to the internet through a high speed broadband connection.  This allows us to electronically link to all applicable insurance carriers.  The end results are more accurate claim processing and faster returns on payments.


Mission Statement

To increase client revenue by overcoming the obstacles of insurance and patient reimbursement using advanced technologies to improve efficiencies while reducing
overall costs.

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